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Mission Sisters of Ajmer (MSA)


The first Bishop of Ajmer, Rt. Rev. Fortunatus Henri Caumont, founded the Congregation on April 26, 1911, in collaboration with his sister, Mother Mary Matilda, to help the missionaries in their apostolate in Rajasthan. Time has seen the spread of the Congregation to 15 dioceses in India.

  • AIM

    The aim of the Congregation is to heal and to teach charity and truth in the spirit of the Gospel.


    To work for the eradication of poverty, disease and ignorance particularly among women and girl children in rural areas. To be the ‘Good News’ to people of all faiths.


    An intense participation in the Redeeming Mission of Christ.


    Healing, Teaching, Frontier Ministry, and Evangelisation.

The Sisters conduct schools, colleges, hospitals, dispensaries, maternity and nursing homes, welfare centre’s, social upliftment projects, and Evangelisation.

Sr. Savina Pinto

The Beginning

Founded on 26th April 1911 by Rt. Rev. Fortunatus Henri Caumont ofm cap


11 States


4 Archdiocese

11 Dioceses

Feast of the Congregation

14 September ‘Exaltation of the Cross’

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